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Our Water System is Underway   

If you would like to provide feedback on anything on this site please contact one of the board members under Contacts.  

It should be understood that dates, times and other information on this site may change do to the constant changing nature of this project.  See website Disclaimer.

A little over a month to sign up for Phase 1.
Phase 1 residents have a little more than a month to sign up.  Please don’t be one of those who wants to wait until they see the pipes in the ground.  We need the money first so the pipes can go in the ground.  Sign up today so we can generate enough money to show USDA that there is support for this project.  In turn we will then get the remaining funding needed for the project from USDA, then you will see the pipes in the ground.  Waiting will just cost you more money if there is even enough capacity to do so. 
Sign-ups are what the system is designed for and there will be very little extra capacity in the system for growth, as per the design regulations of USDA. So please make every effort to sign-up now.  If you have extenuating circumstances and would like/need assistance please let us know now, so we can work with you.
Help the project by filling out and submitting your Water User Agreement now and sending your check by the 30th of June. If don't send the check the Agreement would not be fulfilled and it becomes null and void, so no harm no foul.
If you have any question please contact a board member 



Additional I'm on Tap!, Kick-Start Open House Meetings have been scheduled for June 6 and June 27 from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM at the Breen Community Building - We've completed our initial series of meetings - if you'd like to schedule a neighborhood or individiual meeting, please contact any Board member.

We at LPWWA are requesting all Phase 1 property owners who are going to sign up with their ½ payment by the end of June to give us a heads-up. We are looking at a show of hands so to speak just to give us an idea of where thing are headed. 

Whether you are new to LPWWA or are currently a Water User Commitment holder and believe you are going to sign-up, let us know! You can do this by email, submit just a Water User Agreement or by phone.  In addition, tell us you would like us to apply your 2010 deposit, your earned discount and we’ll set up your account with those credits waiting for you.  There is absolutely no disadvantage to it! 

A reminder: ‘If the Board of Directors, by resolution, determines that the System or any portion thereof will not be constructed due to inability to adequately fund the System, affected payments and deposits will be refunded.” Page 3, 4th Paragraph of the Water User Agreement revised 3/13/2015

There is great deal of design work that can be accomplished before the ½ payment June 30th deadline, if we have the information. The earlier we know your intent the sooner we can get design work done and stay on schedule. Please helps get things flowing! You can do this by contacting Mardi at 970-749-1949 or email any of the other Board members from the contact information on this website. 

If you are waiting to see if anyone else signs up before you sign up no one will sign up.  A wait and see attitude will not build the project. 

Have a tap commitment that you may like to sell??? Property owners in Phase 1 may like to buy yours! LPWWA can help you find a buyer in Phase 1. So if you had paid the $500 Tap Commitment want to sell/transfer a commitment to phase 1 folks your deadline  is June 30th, 2015! Call Mardi Gebhardt for more information. You can find Transfer documents here.

I'm on Tap!, Kick-Start Open House Meetings - We've completed our initial series of meetings - if you'd like to schedule a neighborhood or individiual meeting, please contact any Board member.


The next regular LPWWA Board meeting will be June 3, 2015 at 6:30 at Fort Lewis Mesa School.  Future meetings will be June 17, 2015 also at 6:30 PM at Fort Lewis Mesa School. 

WEBSITE UPDATES - Click here to see current timelines below which are updated on an ongoing basis

Take a look at the new Menu Items.  Current New, Phase 1, and Calendar.

We’ve recently finalized a number of important documents and policies that define various services options and costs for the initial phase of the water distribution system. Key among those documents to help you get a better understanding of your choices and costs are:
  1.  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)   Download
  2.  Rules & Regulations                Download
  3.  Water User Agreement           Download
  4.  Easement Form                 Download
  5.  Transfer and Refund Policy    Download  (for those with 2010 commitments)

Arrange a Neighborhood meeting.

If you'd like more information or would like to arrange for a neighborhood meeting, please contact one of the LPWWA Board members listed under Contacts

Timelines/Schedules - Some Dates have been changed for all Phases on this page.

Tentative Long Term Timeline
Project Phase Start Planning Start Construction
 Raw Water Progressing 12/15
 Phase 1 Progressing 5/16
 Phase 2 1/16 5/17
 Phase 3 1/17 5/18
 Phase 4 1/18 5/19 

For more information on a Phase click on the phase Title.

Raw Water To Treatment Plant Pipeline
Phase Steps Start Date Date Completed
Conceptual  Design Phase Progressing  9/3/14
Geotechnical Contracting Progressing  8/14/14
Easement Acquisition Progressing  
Preliminary Design Progressing  
Final Design 11/14  
Bidding 6/15  
Construction 8/15  

Domestic Water Phase 1
Phase Steps Start Date Date Completed
Walking Survey Permission Now - ASAP  Almost Done
Preliminary Design Progressing  
Project Funding Activities Progressing  
Easement Acquisition Progressing  
Collect Half the Tap Fee Now - 6/30/15  
Collect Remaining Half Tap Fee 7/1/15 -12/31/15  
Final Design 10/15  
Bidding 3/16  
Construction 5/16  
Meeting Agendas
Historical Info.