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Subscriber Hookup Update

Dear La Plate West Water Subscriber:
Thank you for your patience as we near completion of the Project!

In or previous letter of October 2019 on page 2, second paragraph we stated: “Remember: Your contractor cannot actually connect to the system without contacting LPWWA first. Please contact us to schedule an appointment for your service line to be inspected and ultimately accepted by LPWWA. Thank you for your help in keeping our water system safe!”

The pressure testing, flushing and disinfecting of the pipelines has not been completed. There is no safe drinking water available to use. LPWWA must inspect your connection after you have been given permission to hook up. If you have already connected then your meter cannot be tested, the lines flushed or disinfected! Our contractor for the construction will disconnect your line from the meter in order to complete their required work and State Bacterial Testing (Bac-T’s). Please leave your line to your house disconnected from the meter’s pipeline. Your line should be capped. We are not ready for you to hook up until we have safe, reliable water to distribute. Please wait until LPWWA lets you know its good to hook-up. Then call to schedule an inspect of your connection & system. LPWWA needs to insure there are no back flow situations. (Don’t fill in the meter’s pit hole either.)

If you are one of the few to have already hooked-up to the meter’s pipeline prior to LPWWA giving you permission to do so, any costs to hook back to the meter are your responsibility. Please help keep our system safe! Please call us after you have received the notice that water is good to go to schedule your inspection. This is still a month or more away for some, no firm date yet.

(970) 403-5790

With Safe Water In Mind,
The Board of La Plata West Water Authority

Have you changed any of your contact information?
If so, please let us know.