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Phase 1

If you have comments or concerns regarding Phase 1 and your property, please call one of our Board Members listed below. We value you and your comments.

Phase 1 Progress Maps 

Dates locate points along the pipe route showing where the pipe was completed on that date.  It is getting harder to keep track of pipe that has been laid as pipe is being laid in many different locations at the same time.

Phase 1 started construction in Nov. 2019 

Construction has started beginning at Blue Hill and progress to the West and then South. As progress is made we will maintain a map on this pages showing the progress.

Funding for Phase 1 
 USDA Loan $2,754,000 USDA Grant 1$510,000 USDA Grant 2  $700,000
 LPWWA Contribution $1,162,000 Total Project Cost $5,126,000
Water Dock 

The board is reviewing the Water Dock with other agency do help determine the best way to proceed with a water Dock.

​​​​​​​How does the Subscription Payment Plan work? 

The current Subscription Fee is $12,000 which can be paid in full or through monthly payments. The payments will be interest-free, as long as all payments are made within the period determined by the amount of the initial payment. Monthly payments of at least $125 plus a $10 Handling/Transaction Fee will be accepted. There is no pre-payment penalty, so any additional amounts paid over the $125 monthly minimum payment will be applied to reduce the principal amount owed and will reduce the total amount of handling fees you’ll pay. Late fees will apply, based on the minimum $125 payment at the rate of 18% per annum. Once water is available at your property, you will be required to pay the Monthly Base Rate and Water Usage fees, in addition to the monthly payment obligation under the Payment Plan. The payment plan will create a lien on your property until paid in full.

Subscription CostDown Payment Minimum $3,000Amount FinancedMonthly Principal Payment Number of Monthly Minimum PaymentsHandling/Transaction ChargeTotal Minimum Monthly PaymentNumber of Years
1200012510 135
4000800064 5.33
5000700056 4.66
6000600048 4
7000500040 3.33
110001000 80.66
I don’t have enough money to pay for the subscription fee, but I still want to sign up for service. Where can I borrow funds for the subscription fee? 

LPWWA requested proposals from local financial institutions in early 2014. We received responses from Community Banks of Colorado, First National Bank of Durango, Wells Fargo Bank and Southwest Federal Credit Union of Colorado indicating a willingness to work with individuals to loan funds for subscription fees, with requirements and terms typically depending on the borrower’s creditworthiness.

USDA Rural Development Home Improvement Grants & Loans For those who are elderly or low income property owners who occupy their property, loan/grant funds may be available through USDA Rural Development Home Improvement Grants & Loans program. Loans of up to $20,000 are available with repayment schedules over 20 years at 1% interest rates. A mortgage agreement is required for loans of $7,500 or more. Grants of up to $7,500 or loan/grant packages are available to property owners 62 year of age or older, but must be repaid if the property is sold within three years of obtaining the loan. See, and/or directly call Nicky McCoy at the USDA offices in Delta Colorado at 970-874-5735 for more details.

Housing Solutions for the Southwest A program that helps with those much needed repairs on your home.  Please Call Christina Cordalis at 970-259-1086 x17 for details about how to apply.

 Phase 1 Map

The purple boundary is not an exact location of Phase 1 so if you are close to this boundary line it is best if you contact LPWWA at  (970) 403-5790 to make sure you are in Phase 1.   There are no properties West the La Plata River that are in Phase 1.

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