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La Plata West Water Authority is pleased to announce that the water line/system will be flowing soon and in full use by July. We want to thank all of the subscribers for supporting this project and seeing it through! We will now be able to sustain our community for today and the future.

The LPWWA Board of Directors have been working hard with a rate study consultant to come up with the monthly fee that will allow us to set aside a modest amount of reserves for emergencies, meet our monthly payment obligation to USDA, and maintain operations of this part of the system that will serve 154 subscribers. We are a not-for-profit organization that has spent many hours trying to keep the rate as low as possible without compromising the operation of our new water system.

During the board meeting held May 27, 2020, the board of directors adopted the monthly rate of $175.00 per month which will include 3000 gallons of water. If a subscriber’s water usage goes over 3000 gallons, an additional $25 will be charged per 1000 gallons over the initial 3000 gallons allotted in the basic rate. We will be able to monitor the water line 24/7, and we will be able see where there are spikes that could be possible breaks or other issues.

The billing will be performed online, and you will be able to receive your monthly statement via e-mail or USPS mail. We will need to confirm with every user as to your preference so that we can update our information with current and correct data on our system. This system will also allow you to pay your bills online or pay by mail back to the Authority. Please contact us to verify current service address of water meter, current billing address for subscriber, phone number, and current e-mail address.