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PR Committee Report and News Release 8/22/18

  1. August 8thboard meeting was spent working on the construction bid for Phase 1.  It was determined that more negotiations were needed to get the project within budget.  Bartlett & West will continue talks.
  2. August 20thboard meeting was productive with the awarding of the construction contract for Phase 1 Schedule 1.  Schedule 1 will consist of the building of the pipeline and schedule 2 is for the tank.  We have applied for grant(s) funds for Schedule 2 through USDA.
  3. With Phase 0 – screens still need to be installed on intake pipes in Lake Nighthorse. They are expected to be installed by October 31, 2018.
  4. The board is still studying our next steps for future phases.  Anyone is welcome to help with this process by working with Future Phases committee.  Please contact Ken Spence if you are interested at 970-759-7082.