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Manager/Operator Job Available


La Plata West Water Authority

Job Description – Manager/Operator 

Part-time basis – 20-30 hours per week – $25,000/year – no benefits

Minimum Requirements: 

            Colorado Certified Water Distribution – Level 1

            State-issued driver’s license

            High school diploma or equivalent

Job Summary:

Under the direction of the Board of Directors, this position will manage and oversee the daily operations of the water system including water distribution and systems maintenance, with some office responsibilities as well as staff supervision and other managerial functions as needed.

Essential Functions:

  • Water system management and maintenance in accordance with the OM & R schedule, including timely replacement of parts and repairs as they occur, and coordination with outside contractors.  Ability to obtain physical meter readings when necessary, perform monthly compliance sampling per State permit and other protocols, submittal of compliance samples to the laboratory, compilation of test result reports, maintaining records, and reporting to board members, and corrective action protocols.
  • Ensures treated water supplying the water system is safe and acceptable meeting regulatory standards before entering the LPWWA distribution system.
  • Learn and use GIS system information and the VTScada system, by Trihedral Engineering, to ensure timely and correct meter readings and billings are submitted to billing clerk, and respond to 811 notifications with locates and postings.
  • Account for all water authority property, and provide proper maintenance of all distributions, storage, supply, office facilities, and other elements within the system.
  • Maintain on-call status (nights, weekends, holidays, etc.), carry Authority-provided cell phone at all times, respond to phone calls and customers visits, and be able to identify and report emergency and major malfunctions to authority board members immediately, putting protocols into action.
  • Supervisory capacity as growth of the Authority occurs involving employee selection, work assignments, performance evaluations, disciplinary actions and complaint resolution.
  • Limited communication and collaboration with various local, county and state agencies’ representatives.
  • Must possess and outgoing, positive attitude, and enjoy customer service as this position will be the “FACE” of LPWWA.  Knowledge of western La Plata County would be helpful, and any grant writing experience would assist the board in securing funds as needed.

Please submit your letter of interest with resume of job experience, qualifications, and references via email to the Board of Directors of the La Plata West Water Authority at: by June 5, 2020.