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The LPWWA domestic water line (yours) has been the victim of vandalism causing disruption of service and secondary water standards (taste and appearance) to most everyone in the Phase 1 system area. The line has been hijacked several times now by thieves stealing water from several locations. LPWWA is doing our best to recover from these incidences, but the effects of these FEDERAL OFFENSES are extensive. Most customers have experienced either no water supply, or low pressure and excessive air in the line. The low pressure is caused by a “water hammer” effect when the tank gets drained, causing severe effects to other points in the system. Signs, locks, and cameras are currently being installed. Neighbors need to help neighbors stay safe by keeping eyes out for suspicious activity near the water lines. If you see something, say something. Please report any concerns to 970-403-5790, or 970-946-5274 immediately, and call the Sheriff at 970-385- 2900 (non-emergency dispatch) and report it. Remember, theft from a utility is a FEDERAL OFFENSE because it can affect your health and safety. Please protect us all.

Invoices for water for Phase 1 customers are due monthly in the amount of $175 per month, if you are connected or not. This is part of the water user agreement and this system is owned and has to be paid for by the users. All invoices go out on the 15th of the month for the prior month’s use. Two invoices have been issued with the third invoice coming out on December 15th.

There is no compensation for not being hooked up or for raw land at this time – monthly payments are due – just like everyone, LPWWA has bills to pay to keep our system running and compliant with the state.

Next board meeting will be held December 8, 2020, with discussion of the 2021 budget needs.