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Hookup Information

Subscriber Waterline Hookup Information

The following information is to help you decide how to go about getting your waterline hooked up to your house from the LPWWA meter.  It is important that you rely only on the advice of your contractor as to what you should do to install the waterline to your house.

The meter drawing provided by our engineer is how the meter will be installed and the 1” HDPE pipe you will be connecting to will be a minimum of 42” deep.   The line will extend out from the meter 20’ and then the next 15’ will gradually come up and out of the ground so you can find the line.

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You probably either have a well or a cistern you use at this time.  They must not be connected in any way to the line coming in from the LPWWA meter unless you follow all the Colorado laws regarding Cross-Connection (Back-flow preventer).  Check with your contractor as to what they recommend.  See the excerpt from LPWWA Rule and Regulation (R&R) regarding this below.  You can also find the entire R&R & Cross-Connection information on our website at

The following is a link to a website that might help you understand what Cross-Connection is.

The following are things you might want to ask your contractor.

  • Pipe size recommended to distance to travel
  • Type of pipe to use
  • Depth that pipe should be buried
  • Qualified to install Cross-Connection (Back-Flow Preventer if needed)

The follow is a list of contractors that showed interest in installing subscriber pipelines.  LPWWA doesn’t recommend these contractors put providing them for your convenience.  An updated list will be maintained on website.

CompanyContractor NamePhone
S & S ConstructionDennis Deaderick 970-247-3172
Mark Jenkins970-426-1273
On Top ConstructionAlan Dickens970-759-3033
Trenchworks Inc.Laren Rowton970-749-3648
4 States Construction & Aggregates, DoloresCasey McClellan970-570-1776
Planet ExcavationCorey Lindt970-749-6369
Valley Coast ConstructionDavid Koeberle970-799-2683
Marvel ExcavatingJohn McCay970-588-3496 or 970-749-3496

LPWWA Rules and Regulation excerpt



  • Subscriber Compliance.All Subscribers shall comply with the Safe Drinking Water Act of 1974 (amended 1974-1996) and Article 12 of the Colorado Primary Drinking Water Regulations and the La Plata West Water Authority Cross-Connection Control Program. In addition, Subscribers are required to complete a survey that identifies possible cross connections and return the survey to the Board. Failure to comply may disrupt service.

3.31 - Law
Colorado State law provides that any person, association or corporation, or the officers thereof, who violate the provisions within the Cross-Connection Control Program is guilty of a misdemeanor. If convicted of the misdemeanor, the person(s) can be punished by fines of not more than one thousand ($1,000) dollars or by imprisonment in the county jail. In addition to such fines and imprisonment, the person(s) shall be liable for all fees and expenses incurred by La Plata West Water Authority or health authorities in removing such nuisance, source of filth, or cause of sickness. Conviction under the penalty provisions of this or any other public health law does not relieve the person from any civil action in damages.

3.32 - Interruption of Service
The water service/supply may at any time be shut off from La Plata West Water Authority supply or mains without notice due to emergencies or for the purpose of making repairs, extensions, or other necessary work. Subscribers who require a continuous supply of water must take necessary steps, such as installation of a water storage facility on their premises, in case the water supply is interrupted for any reason. La Plata West Water Authority does not guarantee a continuous supply of water. Subscribers who have temporary storage facilities shall abide by all cross connection rules and regulations. La Plata West Water Authority will not haul or carry water to any Subscriber in the case of interruption of service.